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Hear what Dan Williams, Candidate for Teller County Commissioner, District 1 has to say.  In this series of podcasts, Dan will outline his philosophies and perspectives.  Let there be no doubt, this is a campaign of service, humility, and nobility--it's about YOU--and it's exactly what Teller County deserves. 


Podcast 12:  Experienced Leadership

Dan Williams and Experienced Leadership

(4 minutes, 15 seconds)



Podcast 11:  Dan Williams' Memorial Day Tribute 2020

Dan Williams' Memorial Day Tribute 2020

(3 minutes, 34 seconds)



Podcast 10:  Thank You Teller County

Dan Williams Thanks Teller County (8 minutes, 50 seconds)



 Podcast 9:  Leadership & Why it Matters


Dan Williams Talks About Leadership (3 minutes, 57 seconds)



Podcast 8:  Divisiveness:  No Place for it in our Home


 Dan Williams Addresses Divisiveness (3 minutes, 35 seconds)




Podcast 7:  The Future of Rural Teller County


Dan Williams Talks About Rural Teller County (3 minutes, 12 seconds)




Podcast 6:  Veterans


Dan Williams Talks About Veterans (3 minutes, 28 seconds)




Podcast 5:  We the People & Teller County Government


The Role of Government (3 minutes, 20 seconds)



Podcast 4:  The Upcoming Caucuses


Caucus Information (2 minutes, 5 seconds)




Podcast 3:  The Importance of Integrity


Dan Williams on Integrity (3 minutes)



Podcast 2:  A Holiday Message from Dan Williams


A Holiday Message from Dan Williams (1 minute, 52 seconds)


Wishing All of Teller County a Merry Christmas

....Happy Holidays!


Podcast 1:  Meet Dan Williams...Background and General Outlook:

                   Paid for by Dan Williams,                    Candidate for Teller County Commissioner
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