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Williams Releases Podcast on the Role of Government


Dan Williams, candidate for Teller County Commissioner, District 1, released a podcast on the role of government in Teller County.

"Teller County regulations and ordinances, of which there are only eight active, reflect the will of our residents and citizens," Williams observed.  "And if we the people don't like them, we change them.  We don't just turn a blind eye and selectively enforce them upon the working taxpayers, while ignoring violations made by the powerful few."

"This is not the greed of the few but the will of the many," Williams continued.  "That is why I fund my own campaign.  I am beholden only to those I represent, and that is the people of Teller County, and not a few wealthy donors who paid for my campaign with the goal of future selective enforcement under some banner of limited government."

To hear Dan's entire message, click the link above, and to hear all of his podcasts, click the hot button at the right of this page.

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