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Williams Encourages Teller County to Vote NO on Proposition CC

Representatives Becker (D-13) and Julie McCluskie (D-61) and Senators Lois Court (D-31) and Kevin Priola (R-25) sponsored Proposition CC as House Bill 1257 in the legislature.

The "pitch" behind Proposition CC, also known as House Bill 1257, is that proceeds will provide more money for critical investments in Colorado’s future without raising tax rates.  By allowing the state to keep the taxpayer's money it already collects, the measure will supposedly provide funding for K-12 education, higher education, and transportation. But we heard this line...too many times.

But whose money is it--really? This proposal is fraught with danger and double-talk--and puts our Seniors and Veterans at risk.

Every Teller County should vote NO on Proposition CC.

There is no guarantee as to where the taxpayers' money retained through Proposition CC's money will go in the future.

Despite the state budget's growth by over $1 BILLION DOLLARS each and every year, the legislature still refuses to prioritize infrastructure.

Giving more money to state government, without any reforms, is a bad deal for taxpayers. Since TABOR passed, our budget has grown 306%. State government has enough money, they just need to prioritize better.  

Currently, refund money is first used to help localities cover the senior and veterans’ property tax exemptions. Proposition CC would take that refund money away – putting seniors and veterans at risk – and putting more pressure on local budgets.


                   Paid for by Dan Williams,                    Candidate for Teller County Commissioner
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