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Dan Williams Talks About Veterans

Dan Williams, Candidate for Teller County Commissioner, District 1, released his 6th podcast, today.  This podcast discusses a special segment of our county's population, Veterans.  Patriotism is certainly not limited to the Veteran Population, but this demographic has unique skill sets and in some cases, has unique challenges due to combat experiences. 

As many know, Dan is a 30-year combat veteran, and in doing so, represented our values and ideals under the harshest of circumstances and under fire, as nearly 1 in 4 other people in Teller County have.  For Dan, service is a life-long calling.

"I am proud to be a veteran," Williams commented.  "And while we are unique, I am equally proud of others who put their personal comforts aside to serve our citizens here in Teller County.  These include law enforcement, first responders, teachers, the clergy, and the medical community."

Williams continued, "I don't expect you to vote for me just because I wore a uniform, but because of the skills I demonstrated while in uniform and the verifiable service to Teller County I have demonstrated in the past 5 years.  These include the ability to uphold our shared values under pressure, a strong moral compass, respect for the law and our elected officials, the ability to blend and represent divergent opinions and different cultures, decision-making, organizational skills and responsible management of public resources...just to name a few."

To hear all of this message about veterans, click the link above, and to hear all of his podcasts, click the link to the right.

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