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Dan Williams Talks About Leadership



Dan Williams, Candidate for Teller County Commissioner, District 1, releases his 9th podcast.  During this conversation with you, he discusses Leadership.

"Every elected official is a representative, but the difference between some populist who will tell you anything you want to hear to get a vote and a genuine public servant is Leadership," Dan observed.

"Listen, it is disingenuous to separate the two," Williams continued.  "The facts are that even the most 'like-minded-individuals' will disagree at some point.  Our county is not that county is.  And we are becoming more diverse in our opinions.  I celebrate that.

"What makes our representation successful in an environment where people disagree is the ability to seek out common values, work the details, and to come to a mutual agreement.  That, my friends, takes Leadership.

"I have been a Leader my entire life.  I offer vision and ideas.  I don't run from uncomfortable situations or tough decisions....I am no sunshine patriot who enters a situation after others have already  taken a stance, or made the right decision.... the decisions, opportunities, and challenges facing Teller County today...and tomorrow....will require decisive and representative can count on me and  I stand behind my decisions and my actions. 

"Yes, we all deserve exceptional Representation, but we demand worldclass Leadership in our Representatives.  It is impossible to separate the two.

"This is not an afterthought for me.  This is my lifetime calling."

To hear Dan's entire podcast on Leadership, click at the link above.  To hear all of Dan's podcasts, click at the PODCASTS button to the right top of the screen.

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