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Dan Williams Releases His Podcast, "Thank You Teller County"



As multiple key community servants and leaders offered their endorsements, Dan Williams, candidate for Teller County Commissioner, District 1, released his tenth podcast, this one thanking Teller County for the way we continue to handle the Coronavirus Emergency.

"I could not be more proud of Teller County," Dan observed.  "For the last year, during this campaign, I offered a vision absent of divisiveness.  I asked us to live the Western Values that we all cherish, and folks, we delivered. 

"I have not seen this since the days following 9-11, and our citizens proved once again that they know what matters.  The camaraderie is eye-watering. 

"Our commissioners, elected officials, and key community leaders are thoroughly engaged as they seek that critical balance between civil liberties and life, health and safety.  They want us to return to normal on the quickest of terms, but are also aware of the risks that could ensue.

"As we get closer every day to defeating this invisible enemy, I want you all to know, from the deepest of my being, how so very proud I am of our citizens and our home.  We are indeed #TellerStrong!"


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