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Dan Williams Addresses Divisiveness


Dan Williams, Candidate for Teller County Commissioner, District 1, released his 8th podcast, this one addressing Divisiveness.  

"I am beholden only to our citizens...all of them," Williams commented.  The national rhetoric and tone is not only toxic, it is dangerous.  I am disappointed that some people have allowed it to make its way here to Teller County."

Continuing, he noted, "Our county's demographic is evolving, and that fact will not change just because someone rants about it on social media, uses their proxies, or worse...fake argue that folks with differing perspectives are somehow not welcome here.

"When I announced my candidacy, I promised everyone a noble campaign, and I rest well at night in the fact that I deliver daily on that promise.

"Fact is, that jamming your singular, unrelenting and inflexible perspective down someone's throat in a righteous, demeaning and condescending way...and without a presumption of good intent on other perspectives...or...simply surrounding yourself with 'like minded people' under the promise of a 'listening tour' is not in our Founders' intent.  That is an Echo Chamber.   

"I don't do 'what-about-ism,' I do multi-perspective representation; I do leadership.

"What you see in my campaign is what you will see as I serve everyone in Teller County as your Commissioner."

To hear all of Dan's podcast, click the link above, and to hear the other podcasts, click at the PODCASTS button to the right.



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