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QUESTION:  What is Dan's Political Affiliation?

ANSWER:  Dan is a Republican.  But to be honest, the answer can't stop just there.  Dan, like the rest of us, is frustrated with the hyper-partisanship that paralyzes our national and state dialogues.  Consistent with our Western Values, Dan is an economic conservative and knows that sustained economic success is impossible without enduring personal liberty.  When serving his constituents, Dan doesn't see party, he sees people--with valid perspectives, honest questions, serious concerns, and genuine desires to sustain what makes our home county unique and beautiful.  As our County Planning Official, Dan served--with genuine verifiable results--alongside local Democratic party leaders in our county.  As a soldier, Dan served under both Republican and Democratic administrations.  Leadership, Service and Accountability are values that appeal to all of us.  


QUESTION:  Is Dan accepting campaign contributions and outside funding?

ANSWER:  On the strongest of terms, NO.  This is a 100% self-funded campaign.  Dan will not be beholden to someone or some organization that "bought" him this position.  Furthermore, Dan does not want concerns about an "ask" to get in the way of people who want to share their ideas with him.  You worked too hard for your money.  Keep it and spend it on your needs and your families.  


If you have a question, please contact Dan at the "Contact" tab above or through the "Contact Dan" hot button.  


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