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Check out this list of Endorsements...

                -- Teller County Sheriff Jason Mikesell

                -- Teller County Treasurer Mark Czelusta

                   -- Teller County Undersheriff John Gomes

                   -- Cripple Creek Mayor Milford Ashworth

                -- Former Woodland Park Mayor Neil Levy

                   -- Former Teller County Commissioner Dave Paul

                -- Cripple Creek Mayor Pro Tem Tom Litherland

                -- Woodland Park Councilman Jim Pfaff

                -- Woodland Park Councilman Robert Zuluaga

                   -- Cripple Creek Councilwoman Meghan Rozell

                   -- Woodland Park Councilwoman Kellie Case

                   -- Former WP Councilman Paul Saunier

                   -- Community Advocate Deloretta Barber

                   -- Lieutenant Colonel (retired) Paul R. Thies

                   -- CU Regent Chance Hill

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Former Teller County Commissioner Dave Paul

Full Endorsement at the Link Below:


"Clearly in this for the preservation and protection of our community, not to advance personal agendas.  [His] opponent seems to have little more to offer than the agendas of boisterous, but few, supporters, and an obscene number of signs littering our roadsides."

"In the field of this race, [Dan] alone understands the job, followed the rules, and is prepared and committed to serving his friends and neighbors with dignity and intelligence."


Cripple Creek Mayor Milford Ashworth


I wholeheartedly endorse Dan Williams for District 1 County Commissioner.  I am giving my full support for Dan Williams as our next District 1 Teller County Commissioner.

Dan has taken a very active interest in Cripple Creek for years and is well known here.  His service and interest in Cripple Creek has been consistent and started long before his bid for Teller County Commissioner.  He has been a guest speaker at many functions and events in Cripple Creek and he has taken a very special interest in our housing situation.  He listens to the ideas and challenges we have and understands our economic base.  He is a proven leader who has the leadership skills and financial understanding to help us through these critical economic times and make our way to recovery.

Cripple Creek and Teller County are facing a number of real and serious challenges to make our way back to full economic recovery.  I know who Dan is and what he sacrificed for his county as a combat veteran and what he will do to help Cripple Creek as a County Commissioner.

Please join me in voting for Dan Williams for District 1 Teller County Commissioner.

                                               --Milford Ashworth

                                               Cripple Creek Mayor


Cripple Creek Mayor Pro Tem Tom Litherland


I enthusiastically support and endorse Dan Williams for District 1 County Commissioner.  Not only does Dan have a heart for Teller County but he has a heart for Cripple Creek.  Dan was the only commissioner candidate present at our city council candidates forum, was the only candidate present at our critical housing study presentation, and the only candidate that took the time to come and speak to our council during a public meeting.

 I can personally attest to his involvement with our Veteran community, to include being a guest speaker at last year’s motorcycle rally in Cripple Creek and his oversight of the Veteran’s Trust Fund has positively impacted our Veterans as well.   Dan’s personal actions speak louder than anyone’s campaign talking points and Dan Williams is a man of action.

I simply cannot think of a better public servant or leader to be the next District 1 County Commissioner than Dan Williams.  Teller County and Cripple Creek are at a very critical time in their history.  Not only has Dan done a superb job as part of the COVID-19 Crisis Response Force, but as a County Commissioner I know he will focus on our collective economic recovery.  Dan has managed 800 million dollar budgets, he has relationships with our community and city leaders, as well as with our state and federal partners, many of whom will play a part in our recovery.

I join Cripple Creek Councilwoman Meghan Rozell in supporting and endorsing Dan Williams for District 1 County Commissioner.  He has a verifiable record of public service and is an honorable man with 5 ½ years of Teller County Government experience.  Dan has owned property here since he was 21, he is one of us, understands us, and will represent all of us as our next district 1 County Commissioner.   Please give him your support and vote for him.

                              -- Tom Litherland

                              Cripple Creek Mayor Pro Tem and Councilman


Teller County Undersheriff John Gomes

My name is John Gomes, I am currently the Teller County Undersheriff and former Deputy Chief of Police at the Woodland Park Police Department.  I have served our community for the last 36 years.  I raised my family in this community, I made Teller County my home and have stayed here because of the people, friends, neighbors, businesses, the culture, our small town atmosphere, our caring, and of course the beautiful landscape with our majestic mountain watching over us.  I care about our community and therefore know choosing the right Teller County Commissioner that embodies the same values, principles and lifestyle that makes me call Teller County my home is a decision, I do not take lightly.   That’s why there’s really only one choice, I support and endorse Dan Williams for Teller County Commissioner for District 1, without any hesitation.  I ask all of you to do the same, if you want the right, most qualified, experienced, proven leader that is dedicated to our community and understands our needs, electing Dan Williams is the right choice. 

Over the years I’ve had the pleasure of working with both City and County leaders at all levels of government.  Before that, I spent over a decade in the United States Air Force where again, I was led by some truly great leaders.  I know the qualities that many great leaders possess such as clarity, decisiveness, courage, passion and humility just to name a few.  I have sensed, as most of you probably have and experienced that feeling of safety and security when you’re around a person that has true leadership abilities and qualities, someone who takes control and you know is doing a great job.  It’s really easy for most of us to describe the difference between bad leaders and good leaders from our life experiences or jobs.  I will tell you that Mr. Dan Williams is one of those exceptional leaders that dedicated, decisive, has passion and you know in your heart, will do the right thing, all the time.  He is a great leader and cares about our community and the people that live here.  He demonstrates this through examples not just words. 

Dan also calls Teller county home and is proud to say those words.  He understands our issues such as traffic, housing, employment, growth, issues in our National Forest such as homelessness, littering, and the increase in State land use, all that directly affect us.  Of course, these are only a few of the many issues Teller County is facing in the future.  Dan has been involved in all sectors of our community.  He is a person and a leader you will remember throughout your life.

In my career it’s important to make decisions for the right reasons, make decisions that are based on keeping our community safe, care taking for those who need help, standing up for what is right and doing it without hesitation to keep others safe.  These are the same principles and qualities, I see in Dan Williams and he displays them on a daily basis.  He truly cares about the community he lives in, the people he serves and the direction our community is heading. 

It’s easy for most people that are running for elected position to all of a sudden, “Become involved” and tell you they care about what’s happening.  I will tell you from experience, Dan has been involved for years in this community at all levels.  I have witnessed his caring and concern for our community and our citizens. 

Dan is the Commander at the American Legion Post in Woodland Park.  Dan is an Army veteran, he has served our country and lived his life upholding the values and traditions we all cherish, while at the same time defending our great nation.  He understands the importance of safeguarding the rights granted to us in the Constitution.  He has demonstrated this through deeds, not just words. 

Dan has organized, managed and coordinated the Annual Veteran’s Dinner in our community and opened it up to all, regardless if families have funding to buy the meals.  Dan has organized the veteran’s participation in our 4th of July celebration, Dan has been the Master of Ceremony honoring our service members on Veterans Day, Dan has coordinated and arranged fund raisers in our community, Dan has supported our community during the holiday season and during our Christmas parade and celebration.   Dan assists in providing memorial services to our veteran families during their time of loss. He has been involved in so many events supporting our community the list would take up an entire page, if not more. 

I have seen Dan at just about every community event and guess what, “He has been doing this for years.”  Dan did not decide to become involved with our community because he wanted to be elected, Dan has been involved with our community long before any election He cares about our community, our businesses, our friends and neighbors and everyone who calls Teller county home.   His dedication to doing the right thing for the right reasons is unsurpassed by others, this is who he is, and it’s obvious watching him and the passion he has for our community and its citizens.  Dan’s passion and caring for our community and citizens goes beyond simply saying the words.  His actions speak loudly, judge him by what he has been doing in our community.  Many people can tell you they care about an issue or problem, Dan does the work, he takes action and is decisive and gets results.  In the future when our community is confronted with emergencies or issues, I want someone who takes action and has a record of doing the right thing for the right reasons, instead of someone who give empty promises or is just around during an election.   If you want experience and action Dan is the right person for the job.  He has shown his abilities over and over again throughout his career and volunteerism in our community.    

Over the years, I have watched Dan as he has taken on projects and will tell you regardless if they are large or small he is 100% committed to doing the right thing for everyone involved.  I know he will also be 100% committed to our needs as Teller county resident.  Dan always balances the needs of the county and the people, to come up with the appropriate resolution.  I watched as Dan has presented issues to community leaders, Dan has a remarkable talent for presenting all side of the issue, while at the same time demonstrating a very professional but compassionate explanation that allows all sides of an issue to be understood.  This is hard to do when explaining very complicated issues, but Dan’s talent and leadership shines through.  Dan gets his points across fairly, professionally, and accurately.  Dan is also not afraid or hesitant to bring up issues that may not be popular but does it because it’s the right thing to do. 

Dan currently works in our Teller County planning department and has dealt with many different types of people and handled numerous planning issues.  The one thing you always hear from Dan are words such as we, our community, what’s right, partnership, unity, synergy, working together, all of these words also define Dan.  Dan is a team player with our community members, he listens, takes action, defends our citizens and leads by example not words. 

Dan is that person who builds relationships, keeps focused, does the right thing even when others are not looking, we call that integrity, virtue, and ethics.   Dan is honest, committed, dedicated, trustworthy and devoted.   Dan demonstrates all of these qualities and principals in his life and career Dan is someone that you can be proud of and know he will do the right things for the right reasons to maintain our communities’ way of life, for all our citizens.  Please join me in supporting Dan Williams for Teller County Commissioner District 1. 

Former Woodland Park Councilman and Veteran Advocate Paul Saunier


Former Woodland Park City Councilman and Veteran Advocate, Paul Saunier, widely respected for his principled stances on fiscal conservatism and individual liberties, added his name to the still-growing and impressive list of County and City leaders who endorse Dan Williams as the next Teller County Commissioner, District 1:
I cannot think of a better public servant or leader to be the next District 1 County Commissioner than Dan Williams and I am asking all of you to vote for him. Teller County is at a very critical time in its history and those we chose to serve us now must be our very best and most experienced.  Dan is one of the finest leaders I have known both as a former councilman, businessman and a Veteran.

I have known Dan for years and he is exactly the kind of leader and public servant that Teller County needs and deserves.  His integrity, character, leadership and constant appeal to us to continue to work together rather than choosing divisiveness could not come at a better time.  The COVID-19 pandemic has brought us together as a combined community in a way that nothing else has.  Hundreds came together for our safety in Teller County including our first responders, our hospital, our combined local governments, schools, our charities, faith-based community, and our magnificent volunteers.  Dan Williams stepped into the breach for us as well, along with hundreds of others as part of the COVID-19 Crisis Response Force.

I trust our voters and know that they will put Dan Williams into office as our next District 1 Teller County Commissioner.  

                                               --Paul Saunier

                                               Former Woodland Park City Councilman


Cripple Creek City Councilwoman Meghan Rozell

I support for Dan Williams as our next District 1 County Commissioner and hoping you will join me this year in voting for the right man for the job. 

In the time that I’ve had the privilege of knowing Dan, he has demonstrated a character that just isn’t common place in this world anymore. If more of us were like him, we would truly be living in a much better world. He is kind, connects genuinely with those he meets, and he highlights the best in others. Matched with heartfelt warm qualities, he is sharp, strong, and is a true leader

Dan’s background speaks for itself but what those of you out there who have not yet spent time with Dan might not know until you meet him is this:  Dan is a complete package leader who will serve us both with profound compassion and keen intellect weighing the pragmatism we need balanced with who we are as people at the core of all the decisions he will make

This year has been a challenge for the world to say the very least. From day one of this unprecedented time, Dan has been in the thick of the Teller County efforts to make sure we are all as safe and ready as we could possibly be. Even if he weren’t in the job he’s in, I know he would be in the trenches contributing all the same because that is just who he is. He has connected individuals and organizations to coordinate efforts to strengthen our community and along the way, he has remained a true friend to many of us —checking in, making sure we have what we need, and even just calling with a friendly hello. 

I don’t know about you but I want a leader who listens to the people they represent, a leader who weighs in the practicalities and data of any challenge at hand, someone who sincerely want the best outcome at the big picture level. We need leaders with vision – Dan is that leader.  After three years as an elected official, I know that staying at the big picture level can be hard for many. There’s a saying about leading from the 30,000 ft view. What that means is that an elected official doesn’t get stuck in the drama or the weeds of a situation, they don’t meddle in the little things but instead, they keep the big picture objectives at the forefront of every decision and forward move. A good leader empowers others to contribute to the achievement of an objective and if that objective fails, a good leader takes responsibility for that failure. When that objective is successful, a good leader gives the due credit to everyone around them and accepts little to none for themselves, humbly celebrating the success of the team. 

This is the kind of leader Dan Williams will be for Teller County -the kind of leader he will be for US. His signs say “INTEGRITY” for a reason. That word has real meaning for Dan and he consistently acts in line with that true value we need more of in this world. As many of us well know, action speaks louder than words ever can. 

I hope you all will join me this year in voting for a man of action, who lives by his values and ours, who cares deeply about others, and who has the skill, experience, tenacity, and excellence we need to bring Teller County forward in the right way.

                                   --Meghan Rozell, Cripple Creek Council


Teller County Treasurer & Public Trustee Mark Czelusta

Teller County Treasurer and Public Trustee, Mark Czelusta announced his endorsement of Dan Williams to serve the citizens of Teller County as County Commissioner, District 1.

I am excited and thrilled to announce my endorsement of Dan Williams to serve as the next Teller County Commissioner, District 1. 

Possessing deep and unrelenting integrity, optimistic and reasoned vision, and credibility beyond compare, Dan Williams offers our citizens exactly what they want…at exactly the right time…in their representative-leader. 

Dan understands that integrity goes well beyond simply following rules and laws.  As a former military officer who made life and death decisions under fire, he knows—intuitively—that one must also adhere to the intent of rules and laws, not just the words as written—he is not afraid of tough decisions.  He continually asks, “Even if the rules allow this, is it right for the people of Teller County?”  With a strong moral compass, Dan’s perspective always incorporates often-overlooked components of integrity:  judgement and nobility During this campaign in particular, and at times well before he decided to run, I personally observed his actions to ensure the credibility of processes and organizations at the larger level.  Dan does not hide behind a “what do the people want?” excuse to do nothing, and then wait until there is a groundswell of expectations, or a clamor of frustration, to do what is right. 

And he stands behind his own words.  I am proud of Dan’s sense of ownership of both his actions and words in all parts of his life during this campaign and before.  Even when offered the opportunity, Dan never sat aside quietly while people told incomplete and defamatory stories about his opponent, and then shrug his shoulders and quietly tell other people that some of his supporters are a “bit over the top.”  He would never claim to serve one group, and then call that same group, “needy” at a different meeting.  Dan would never refer to a third of our county’s residents as “crazy.” 

Let there be no doubt:  all of this is part of integrity. All of this is key to a heart of service. 

Moreover, Dan understands the diversity of perspective, challenges and lifestyle within Teller County, even when good people on the Front Range see us as all the same.  He knows that folks in Victor may have different expectations and concerns from the residents of Cripple Creek.  He understands that Woodland Park’s desires may be different from those of Unincorporated Teller County.  And he can tell you why. 

Dan’s vision is reasoned and principle-based.  Dan is a capitalist, a fiscal conservative, and a quiet Christian [Mathew 6:6] who supports our Constitution, swore an oath to it, and fought for it.  He believes in free-market solutions, property rights and looks to limit government’s reach; while understanding, as a Christian, that our time on Earth is limited and that we must eventually hand our home’s stewardship to succeeding generations.  This reasoned, principled and balanced perspective perfectly aligns with the desires of Teller County, and is just one reason why we will continue to be the envy of Colorado.  He sees a diverse county that embraces its growth, while simultaneously preserving what fuels that growth.  We can be home to retirees and families from all walks of life and income brackets; we can be farmers, ranchers and business people; and we can continue to call wildlife our neighbors. 

Delivering on this vision requires a verifiable record of judgement and success, and—at times—uncomfortable decisions and tough leadership.  Dan Williams has all that— as a former military officer, as a decorated wartime hero, as a county official, and as a small businessman who owns his own consulting company.  Dan offered us his vision on day one, and he stands behind it.  He didn’t wait to discern who could fund his campaign or speak the loudest; he didn’t begin a research project to figure out what “the people want” in order to build his platform, and he didn’t come on the scene after deciding to reinvent himself later in life.  The Dan Williams you see today is the same Dan Williams you saw years ago – noble, seasoned, ready.    He put it all out there on Day 1.  And he is the only candidate who will be ready on Day 1—at a time unprecedented in the challenges we are facing.

Dan Williams possesses genuine integrity.  Dan Williams has a verifiable record.  Dan Williams has a reasoned and principled vision for our future.  Dan Williams has my vote, please give him yours.

                                    --Mark Czelusta

Dan accepted Mark's endorsement adding, "Thank you, Mark, for your kind words and for your support.  I am humbled by them and proud to serve Teller County alongside you now, and in the future as a fellow elected official."


Former Woodland Park Mayor Neil Levy

Former Woodland Park Neil Levy announced his endorsement of Dan Williams to serve as the next Teller County Commissioner, District 1.

I wholeheartedly support and endorse Dan Williams for District 1 County Commissioner.  I have known Dan for over 6 years.  He is an outstanding leader who possesses strategic vision, understands the role and functions of government and is a compassionate public servant.  He is experienced and is exactly who we need at a very critical time in our history.  Dan treats everyone with dignity and respect and his conduct during this campaign has demonstrated to all of us that you can run for office and not slander an opponent.

Dan is a person that I have privately called upon on several occasions in my role as mayor for advice on tough complex issues and decisions.  His advice and experience in those conversations not only helped me to solve the challenges I faced at the time, but gave me a unique and personal insight into the type of caring and insightful leader Dan is.  He can easily see various points of view, recommend a solution, and build consensus that works for the greater good. Dan is one of the most selfless and caring people I know and we are extremely lucky that he has stepped forward to serve us.   I can also personally attest to his leadership in our Veteran Community through his management of the Veteran’s Trust Fund and as the Commander of the American Legion. Dan has a heart for the Woodland Park community and Teller County and has been serving us far longer than just this campaign.  For over 5 years I have stood next to him on multiple occasions.  When he speaks, people listen, and what he has to say really matters…he inspires all those who come into contact with him.

There is no doubt in my mind, that Dan Williams will raise the bar and lead our community to greater heights.  Please vote for Dan Williams for District 1 Teller County Commissioner.

                       - Former Woodland Park Mayor Neil Levy

Dan Williams accepted Mayor Levy's endorsement, noting, "It has been my distinct privilege to serve Woodland Park and Teller County with you for the last 5 years, and I am proud to call you my friend.  You made a difference in Woodland Park during a critical time, Mr Mayor, and I look forward to continuing your tradition of reasoned, principled and respectful servant-leadership as County Commissioner."


Woodland Park City Councilman and Chief of Staff of the Colorado House Republican Caucus Jim Pfaff

Watch Jim's Entire Endorsement here:

Dan Williams, Candidate for Teller County Commissioner, District 1 received another endorsement yesterday!  This one is from Jim Pfaff, Woodland Park City Councilman and Chief of Staff for the Colorado House Republican Caucus in Denver.  

Jim's words were simple and direct:

"This is going to be a seriously critical time in our county and in our city.

"Dan has my entire support.  His understanding of what is going on in this county is impressive to me.

"Dan Williams has done a phenomenal job of understanding what's happening in governmental structures and how to break through that to actually accomplish real things.

"Dan Williams' trademarks are Integrity, Knowledge and Commitment to Limited Government.  He will expand on our history of Efficient, Limited, Good Government."

Dan is thrilled and pleased to accept Jim's endorsement.  "Thank you, Jim for your words and your support, and for the opportunity to work alongside you for the good of Teller County and Woodland Park.  To have the support of someone who truly understands limited, yet effective governance is humbling and exciting."


Woodland Park City Councilman Robert Zuluaga 


Dan Williams, candidate for Teller County Commissioner, District 1 is pleased and honored to accept Woodland Park City Councilman Robert Zuluaga's endorsement.

"Dan's commitment to teamwork, his respect for veterans, his compassion for his fellow citizens moves me," Zuluaga observed.

"Dan's been a property owner here in Teller County since he has been 21.  He respects property rights; he'll respect your rights.  Dan defends the Constitution and respects life, liberty and personal property rights.  

"He is a man of high caliber and class."

Dan Williams responded, "Thank you, Robert, I am humbled and flattered.  I appreciate your kind, gracious, and optimistic words, and as Teller County Commissioner, I look forward to working alongside you.  Woodland Park is lucky to have you in their service."


Teller County and Woodland Park Community Advocate, Deloretta Barber

It saddens me to see that “mudslinging and vitriol” has reared its ugly head in our local election.

I see no reason why publicly chastising with hateful rhetoric a candidate, simply because you don’t agree with his or her platform, should be part of the electoral process. I will not resort to these tactics; I feel it would demean me and the candidate I support.

It is not an easy thing to run for public office considering how one opens themselves to character assassination and vehement criticism from supporters of their opposition; therefore, I respect all of those who are willing to take that risk.

I will vote for the candidate who, IN MY OPINION, will serve the interests of Teller County and residents with fairness and respect. I have publicly shown my support for Erik Stone and I personally told Phil Mella of my decision and he graciously accepted that.

Over all, Teller County has been lucky with the people we have chosen to represent us so let’s hope that trend will continue. With that in mind I shall vote for the following candidates and feel confident that they will fairly represent all the people of Teller County.

Erik Stone, Michael Allen and Dan Williams. I don’t live in the city limits therefore I shall not comment on that election.

Thanks to all the candidates who were willing to run and:

“May good luck be your friend in whatever you do, and may trouble be always a stranger to you.” 


Teller County Sheriff Jason Mikesell


I enthusiastically support and endorse Dan Williams for District 1 Teller County Commissioner.  I have known Dan for many years and consider him to be one of the finest and most capable leaders I know.  He has an incredible heart for Teller County and its people.  Dan has been a long standing community leader in Teller County and his selfless service to our community started long before his campaign for County Commissioner did.  Like others who know him, I can personally attest that he is a caring and inspirational leader with a focus on serving others.

Dan is a multiple combat Veteran and real patriot who understands leadership under pressure and is someone who personally fought for the freedoms and liberty we all enjoy.   Dan is a man who understands the balance between the rule of law, the function of government and the rights of private citizens.  He is an incredible and experienced county and community leader with strategic vision and true ability.

Teller County is at a very critical time in its history.  In order to meet the challenges and opportunities facing us head on we need strong leadership now and in the future and we need Dan Williams.  I have personally called Dan to ask him for his thoughts on complex problems and challenges and he always offers clear and insightful recommendations that have worked.

I know Dan to be a man of great integrity and high moral character; both traits that are critical to the leadership required of a County Commissioner.  As Thomas Paine once said, “these are the times that try men’s souls”.  What is needed now are people true ability, experience, and a lifetime of service.  Dan has the ability to lead our County on day one which will be critical in the months ahead as we recover from the shadow of the COVID-19 pandemic and rebuild our economic base.

There is no doubt in my mind, that Dan Williams is the only clear choice for District 1 Teller County Commissioner.  Please give him your support – our future depends on it.

Jason Mikesell


Woodland Park City Councilwoman Kellie Case



Dan Williams has my full support and endorsement for District 1 Teller County Commissioner.  I have known Dan for over five years and I am grateful he has stepped forward to serve us at a very critical time for our county and our city. He is a highly respected community and Veteran leader who possesses great integrity, ability, and compassion for all of us.  Not only has Dan led throughout Teller County but he has been a consistent friend to Woodland Park.   He has led and organized many of our patriotic events, cared for our Veteran population and our community, supported our school programs, and has publically addressed our council on multiple occasions.

Dan has been a regular part of our community and a key leader well in advance of his decision to run for County Commissioner.  He possesses the necessary skills to be a county commissioner today, ranging from policy level decision making ability to his ability to truly connect with all those he meets.  Dan has a heart for service, Teller County and Woodland Park and will provide the leadership we need.

As we face an uncertain future, with many of our residents and our businesses facing real financial hardship, we must place our best in positions of responsibility.   This is a critical election for Teller County, and we need to elect the most qualified leader we can, with a verifiable record of public service, ability and integrity. Not only has Dan done a superb job as part of the COVID-19 Crisis Response Force, but he has the necessary relationships with our city leadership, community partners, and our state and federal agencies.  He has managed 800 million dollar budgets, made serious decisions under pressure and in combat, and he has 5 ½ years of Teller County experience as its Planning Official.   Dan is a consensus builder who brings organizations and people to the table so that their voices can be heard and the right decision for our citizens be made.  Throughout his entire campaign and this current crisis, Dan has been a calming influence, leading by example, calling for unity and has worked against divisiveness at every level.  We are all in this together!

Dan Williams will boldly confront the challenges facing all of us, he will stay connected to our city and with our people and he will lead from the front, standing shoulder to shoulder with us as we begin our economic recovery.

Please join me in giving him your support by voting Dan Williams for District 1, Teller County Commissioner.

Kellie Case

Woodland Park City Council


Lieutenant Colonel (retired) Paul R. Thies

I wholeheartedly endorse Dan Williams for District 1 County Commissioner. As a member of the Teller County Planning Commission and American Legion Post I have worked and served with Dan for many years. I know him to be a man of great integrity, moral character and outstanding capability.  Dan has been a leader and a public servant his whole life.  As a Teller County Planning Commissioner, retired officer, and private sector business leader, I can tell you that Dan is exactly the leader Teller County needs now.   His experience in Teller County Government as the Planning Official for the past 5 years and his current service as part of Teller county with the Covid 19 Crisis Response Force demonstrate how incredibly talented and qualified he really is.   Dan’s transition to County Commissioner will be seamless and he will indeed be ready on day one.   Not only will the impacts of the Covid-19 pandemic be with us for some time, but our next county commissioners will be leading us through a “new normal” to include an economic recovery.  Dan has managed 800 million-dollar budges flawlessly while serving as a Colonel and Brigade Commander in the US Army.   Dan has the partnerships with the state and federal agencies that impact our county developed over 5 years as the Planning Official.  Finally, we know that Dan Will protect the life, health and Safety of each and every one of us. 

Paul R. Thies

LTC (Ret) US Army


CU Regent Chance Hill

CU Regent for Colorado's 5th Congressional District, Chance Hill, announced his endorsement of Dan Williams to serve as Teller County Commissioner.

"I wholeheartedly endorse Dan Williams for District 1 Teller County Commissioner.

"I personally know Dan to be a man of great integrity, and he has earned my sincere respect. He is a strategic thinker and a principled leader with years of Teller County government experience in addition to decades of honorable service to our nation as a senior Army officer.

"As a decorated Veteran with multiple combat tours under his belt, Dan has put his own life on the line for our country. He understands what it means to swear an oath to our Constitution and defend it, and he will bring that same sense of duty to the Board of Commissioners.

"Moreover, Dan has fostered great working relationships with many state and federal partners whose decisions impact Teller County—and he will be ready to lead on his first day in office. 

"I have full confidence that Dan will fight for the best interests of Teller County, and he has my endorsement and support."

Dan Williams proudly accepts this endorsement and added, "Thanks Chance for your good words, and I look forward to working with you for years to come."

                   Paid for by Dan Williams,                    Candidate for Teller County Commissioner
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